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Background Information

Rockinger Quality Control
Due to the fact that we buy our guitars in reasonable quantities (nope, we don't have "100s and 100s guitars in stock") we can offer you the best possible quality control.
All instruments are being critically viewed, checked, test played and adjusted. Right before the guitar is being shipped it will be checked again and only if everything is 100% OK it will leave our store.
Rest assured that every guitar bought in our store will be checked at least twice, no matter if it costs 400 or 4.000 Euros.
All prices are in EURO and include German Tax/VAT.

Tax Free purchases for non-EU Countries! 
If your Country's not a member of the European Union (e.g.: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan) you only have to pay net prices. To calculate the net price you have to divide the listed prices by 1,19 (e.g.: a product which is listed for 100 Euros will only cost 84,03 Euros). The difference will be refunded on your credit card or paypal account. If you want to know how much our prices are in your currency go to this currency converter.
Please note that customs or import duties could be charged separately. Please contact your local customs office for further information.